Welcome to Post-Polio India

Post-Polio India is my endeavour to connect, support and empower the hundreds and thousands of children and adults living with polio in India and beyond. It is also to draw the attention of governments in developing countries to invest in medical and health care of ageing polio patients. Many adults, who contracted the disease as children decades ago, are experiencing the debilitating Post-Polio Syndrome [PPS] or Late Effects of Polio, whereby they are facing muscle weakness, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, intolerance to cold, and difficulties in sleeping, breathing or swallowing. In the developed countries, the main source of advocacy for those with PPS has been grassroots groups of polio survivors.

Today, there is prevention, lighter and more effective calipers or braces, access to electric scooters and power operated chairs, alternative medicine systems, legal benefits, accessible public places and a stronger than ever worldwide campaign to globally eradicate polio, even as a cure remains a cherished dream. Together, we can work towards enhancing the lives and independence of polio survivors by learning from the experience of polio survivors in the developed world and adapting solutions to suit our own cultural and socio-economic needs.